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UCF Housing

UCF offers an amazing array of housing options for students to choose from. Oftentimes students stress about their future living situations however, UCF makes it easy to apply. One setback students tend to face when applying for housing is that because of UCF’s large student population, spaces are limited and not all students are guaranteed a spot.

Students can apply online through their student portals at The earlier students apply, the more likely they are to receive housing. Therefore, as soon as students receive admission to the university, it is essential that they apply for housing. Once they apply, a housing confirmation date will be given as soon as space becomes available.

On-campus housing is available for all students, but students attending college for the first time are given priority. If a student is not offered housing, they will be referred to the Student Neighborhood Relations.

There is no need to worry if you are not offered a space on-campus as there are many off-campus student apartment complexes to choose from.

UCF offers traditional, shared bedroom layouts along with apartment-style dorms as well. It’s hard to beat the convenience of living on-campus, so be sure to apply early and take full advantage of UCF’s housing opportunities.

UCF’s on-campus housing includes:

UCF’s off-campus affiliated housing includes:

UCF’s downtown housing includes:

UCF’s Rosen Campus includes:

For more information about housing please visit:

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