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Countdown to Rosh Hashanah 5784

Rosh Hashanah

Fri, Sept 15 - Tue, Sept 19

Join us every Rosh Hashanah for meals and an array of service options for every style


Thur, Dec 7 - Fri, Dec 15

Join us for candle lighting every night and special events & treats along the way

Yom Kippur

Sun, Sept 24 - Mon, Sept 25

We host Yom Kippur pre fast, services and break fast with various ways to get involved


Sun, Mar 23 - Mon, Mar 25

Have your costume picked out? Join us for the best Purim party in town!


Fri, Sept 29 - Fri, Oct 6

Every year we put up sukkahs at Hillel, on campus and the at Rosen School for all to enjoy a meal in!


Mon, Apr 22 - Tues, Apr 30

Join us for Seder

night one at Hillel

***More information will be given out as we get closer to each holiday.***

For questions about Holidays or how to get involved with religious services please reach out to

Jeff Levin, Senior Jewish Educator at

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