Countdown to Yom Kippur

Rosh Hashanah

Mon, Sept 6 - Wed, Sept 8

Rosh Hashanah this year was a success! We can't wait to make this happen again next year


Sun, Nov 28 - Mon, Dec 6

While Chanukkah starts during Thanksgiving break, we'll be the place to be! Join us for candle lighting every night and special events and treats along the way

Yom Kippur

Wed, Sept 15 - Thurs, Sept 16

The Jewish Day of Atonement. Join us Wednesday night for a pre fast meal followed by services throughout the rest of the holiday. Don't forget bagels & lox to break the fast. Click the siddur for more info!


Wed, Mar 16 - Thurs Mar 17

Love making hamentaschen? Well you're in luck! Join us during Purim this year to make and indulge in this awesome treat.


Mon, Sept 20 - Mon, Sept 20

Want to help us put together and decorate our sukkah this year? We could use the help! Join us for programming in our sukkah throughout the week.


Fri, Apr 15 - Sat, Apr 23

Seder night one will be at Hillel, while night two will be at Rabbi Abisrors. Need Kosher for Passover food throughout the week? We got you covered.

***More information will be given out as we get closer to each holiday.***