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  • What is Hillel?
    As the largest Jewish student organization in the world, Hillel builds connections with emerging adults at more than 550 colleges and universities, and inspires them to direct their own path. During their formative college years, students are challenged to explore, experience, and create vibrant Jewish lives. Hillel international is based in Washington D.C.
  • Who is Hillel named after?
    Hillel the Elder was born according to tradition in Babylon in 110 BCE and died in 10 CE in Jerusalem. He was a Jewish religious leader, sage and scholar associated with the development of the Mishnah and the Talmud and the founder of the House of Hillel school of tannaim.
  • What does Hillel offer students?
    Hillel encourages students of all backgrounds to form deep, personal connections to Jewish life, learning and Israel, through Jewish exploration, leadership, and a sense of belonging. Hillel professionals provide opportunities for students to have meaningful Jewish experiences, which can range from participating in peer-facilitated Jewish learning initiatives or immersive travel experience such as alternative breaks and Birthright Israel, to developing relationships with Jewish mentors and educators, among others. Hillel also supports and facilitates student celebrations of Shabbat and holidays on and off-campus. We provide opportunities for students to build lifelong connections – to their Jewish life, to each other and to Jewish communities worldwide.
  • Does Hillel have a membership fee?
    No, we do not. Hillel is generosly supported by donors to make programming free for students.
  • How do I get more invovled in Hillel?
    We have a few options for you! 1) Fill out our interest form 2) Reach out to our VP of Student Engagement Chelsea Horwitz: 954-812-6422 2) Reach out to our Springboard Innovation Fellow Leora Lindenbaum: 3) Reach out to our IACT (Birthright Israel) Coordinator Jordan Feinberg: 4) Come to an event! We promise we don't bite
  • How do I contact Hillel? - generic question - Hes our Executive Director. Bigger questions go here. - She's our Associate Director. Parent questions go here. - She deals with the money! Donation questions go here - He helps you get to Israel! All Israel questions go here - She helps you get involved! She'd love to grab coffee with you
  • When can I come to Hillel?
    We are open every day throughout the week! Check the footer of our website for specific hours.
  • Does Hillel offer a Birtright Israel trip?
    Yes! We take UCF students on Birthright Israel every summer and winter break. Each bus is comprised of 30-42 students, two Hillel staff members, a tour guide, a medic as well as a group of Israelis that are college age.
  • Does Hillel provide Kosher food?
    Yes! All food inside our building is hechshured. Our snacks are all labeled and our food is catered from Eden Fresh Cafe in Ormond Beach, FL. We will have a Kosher Cafe in house come fall, with a hasgachah from the OU.
  • Do I need to be Jewish to participate?
    Nope! Hillel is welcoming of everyone from all backgrounds. While we are inherently a Jewish organization, we do not turn anyone way from our programming.
  • I am not religious, will I fit in?"
    100%. Students involved with Hillel come from many different backgrounds all over the spectrum. At Hillel, we provide a space for exploration and community that fits the needs of every type of student.
  • I am an observant Jew, will I fit in?"
    Yes! We have a growing observant community at UCF Hillel. Plenty of students keep fully kosher and are shomer Shabbat. Our Rabbi even organizes weekly minyanim on a regular basis. You can find our students hanging out at Hillel after dinner, and walking over to Rabbi Abisror's house for oneg as well as Shabbat lunch
  • Is Hillel open on the weekends?
    Not usually, but it can be if a program is being planned.
  • Does Hillel have full time staff?
    Yes! We have a diverse full time staff here at Hillel. Most of our student life team are recent college graduates from universities across the country. Check out our meet the team page to learn more about everyone.
  • What is Fresh Fest?
    Fresh Fest is our yearly new student orientation program for Freshman and Transfer Jewish students. Fresh Fest consists of early move in and plenty of fun activities! Families are welcome and encouraged to join in for our opening acitvities. This event takes place every August the week before classes start.
  • Where is Hillel located?
    Hillel is at 3925 Lockwood BLVD in Oviedo, FL. We are located in the NorthView building right across from campus! Enter the main NorthView entrance, take the elevator to floor two, and Hillel is on your right down the hall. We have free parking in our outdoor lot and shuttle 13 comes to our space.
  • What does a regular week at Hillel look like?
    Every Wedensday we have Hump Day Nosh at 6:30. Nosh is a free dinner program on our second floor for students to hang out and eat great food! Every Friday we have Shabbat services (if there is interest) and dinner. Everything else is subject to change based on student programming and initiatives! **Summer B programming differs***
  • Do you offer tours of Hillel?
    Yes! Please reach out to Jacqui McGrail at to schedule a visit.
  • I heard you offer mental health resources, can you tell me more?"
    We do! We are a proud partner of Jewish Family Services. They provide Hillel with a great therapist that our students can take advantage of. Therapy sessions are covered by insurance. If this doesn't suffice, Hillel can cover the cost. Check out our Wellness page for more info.
  • What is Yehudi?
    YEHUDI’s mission is to facilitate a movement of meaningful Judaism for college students and millennials in Florida, strengthening their Jewish identity and commitment through Jewish education. YEHUDI is what you are and what you could be. Through enriching experiences, genuine learning, real relationships, and empowering actions YEHUDI catalyzes the humbling Jewish power within every college student and millennial in Florida. YEHUDI was born with a wish and a vision – a wish to offer Florida’s Jewish college students and millennials real Jewish content and refreshing experiences, and a vision to make it happen. Central Florida Hillel & Yehudi Orlando are proud to be partners at UCF.
  • How do I sign up for events?
    Great question! We ask that you RSVP for our events on the events tab. You'll fill out a questionaire just the first time you sign up fot an event. The rest you''ll just fill out your name and number!
  • How do I grab coffee with the Hillel staff?
    Text us! Go the the Meet the Team page and click on whoever you want to meet with! Our numbers are listed.
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