Learning the Scripts
  • 3, 60 minute  Zoom sessions featuring  inspirational and accomplished Jewish leaders

  • Earn $150 stipend! 

  • Learn how to bring these values to campus

Inspiring Jewish Leadership in Action
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The Student Resource Connection serves unstably housed college students to access on-site resources such as free laundry, individual shower rooms, food pick up, computer stations with wifi, etc..

Student Resource Connection
Student Resource Connection
Business Meeting
  • 10-month virtual program (Campaign or Influencer Tracks) 

  • Receive a stipend

  • ISRAEL21C: Most diverse & reliable source of news & information about  Israel

ISRAEL21C Digital Ambassador
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 Our summer staff serves as educators and mentors to the teen participants as well as the other traditional summer camp counselor roles. It is ideal for college students who are interested and involved in political and social justice work as well as have experience working with teens. 


DART trains professional organizers and community organizations how to work for social, economic and racial justice,

Beach Cleanup Volunteers
  • Build work experience in the justice field! 

  • Receive a monthly living stipend, travel allowance and subsidized housing, plus leadership development in the justice field.

Avodah Service Corps
Avodah Service Corps
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AIPAC is hiring for our next class of AIPAC Fellows with training beginning on January 10th. The Fellows play a large role in strengthening the U.S. - Israel relationship by helping grow AIPAC’s donor base by meeting with current and prospective AIPAC members.

AIPAC Fellows