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Do Your Future Self a Favor, Start Networking in College

Six Strategies for College Students Build a Powerful Professional Network Now

College can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. You may already have a dream career in mind, but it’s easy to get caught up living your best college life (or trying not to sleep through 8am SLS) and miss out on valuable networking opportunities.

When it comes to building an impressive resume, what you know matters, but who you know can open even more doors.

That’s where networking comes in.

The relationships you build now become connections you can leverage later to help you find a job or get you in the door to pitch your start-up or product to sell. But it’s about more than just getting ahead professionally, your building lasting bonds and relationships.

You can build your professional network by building personal relationships, then the people in your network will also be in your corner. They will be your references, your mentors, your colleagues. They will be the ones rooting for your success, recommending you for jobs, and connecting you with other networking opportunities to further your career.

No one achieves success on his or her own.

It’s true that there is hard work and perseverance; there is also coincidence and luck, privilege, and exploitation; but there is no such thing as “self-made.” Every success story starts with a strong network.

Networking is all about human connection and building intentional relationships that benefit everyone. Your network can be your most powerful resource. And the sooner you start building one, the better.