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CFH’s Global Giving Week

Central Florida Hillel, herein CFH, along with other Hillels nationwide, participated in a global week of giving. This year, CFH well exceeded our goal for the week, but it wasn’t as effortless as it might’ve seemed. It took hundreds of phone calls made by several students and staff members.

I made a few dozen calls myself! I am proud to say I have participated in every campaign while I’ve attended UCF!

I believe setting aside a few hours that week was the least I can do to support Hillel since they provide me with so much, including weekly programs, leadership opportunities, and more. I was even featured in a picture on the Hillel Global Giving Week donation site!

Calling for donations is never easy and is always difficult at first; however there was a great team of staff & students involved to support each other!

One student on the Giving Week team, Junior, Amanda Gordon, made over 100 calls! She too believes it's important to help an organization that has helped her so much! She credits Hillel with keeping her connection with the Jewish Community strong. She is beyond thankful to all of the amazing donors that help Hillel be as great as possible!

On behalf of all of the students at Central Florida Hillel, I want to thank all of our generous donors and supporters who support CFH and help give students like myself the rewarding experiences that CFH provides. CFH raised the most money out of all other Hillels nationwide!

By: Justin Lurie

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