We are so excited to welcome you to Knight Nation!

Your student is embarking on an amazing journey, and we are here to support their needs and interests along the way in any way we can.


CFH is the focal point for more than 6,000 Jewish university students and young adults in Orlando. Our staff is always meeting with students, engaging and empowering them to create the Jewish community they want to see on campus. Through dozens of diverse Hillel programs, events and groups, we do our best to provide opportunities for students to explore their Judaism on their terms. Whether they need a place to celebrate the holidays far from home, are seeking a leadership role, or looking for a community on campus, we are here to support them.


Our dedicated and committed staff is here to provide your student with a home away from home; to inspire and excite students as they embark on their own Jewish journey, and to help make their college life better. We encourage you to stop by just to stay ‘Hi’ or stay for Shabbat or an event the next time you are on campus!


Please take a moment to join our Parent’s and Family Network to stay up to date on all the happenings at Hillel. We look forward to meeting you!


The Central Florida Hillel Team