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Knight Society and Family Circle

As much as we are excited to welcome your student to campus  – we are just as excited to welcome you to your own new, incredible network of parents and family members of Knight Nation!  You, too, are now part of one of the most vibrant Jewish college communities.  Our staff and our parents throughout Florida and nationwide are here to support you in any way we can.  Please do not hesitate to use us as a resource for questions, concerns, sending your sick student matzo ball soup, and more.  Liz Kalef, our Associate Director, is just a phone call or email away. We hope you will become an active member of our Central Florida Hillel family through any number of our groups, events, and activities, and consider giving us your support so that we can make sure our programming for Jewish students at UCF is the best it can be.

Family Circle

Family Circle is a special offering for families of UCF knights. Through gifts of $360 or more, these families share pride in supporting Central Florida Hillel’s impactful programming, throughout their students journey with us. We want to ensure that all students feel the warmth and beauty of our Hillel right upon arrival to campus. Through Family Circle-accessible programs and incentives, we’re able to connect early and often with students and their families. Read more and join Family Circle here!

Knight Society

Central Florida Hillel’s Knight Society is a special group comprised of amazing parents, alumni and community supporters! Knight Society members have generously contributed $1,800 or more throughout the academic year. Because of our Knight Society donors, Central Florida Hillel is able to provide the amazing programming our students and their families have become accustomed to. Read more and join Knight Society here.

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