Message From Board Chair
Eloise Stiglitz:

This is a time for community.

As the world turns upside down, as we socially distance and have to think about whether it is safe to go to the hairdresser or a restaurant, just think about the turmoil our students are enduring. While some students are leaving school with limited job search capabilities and others are coming to college for the first time and wondering what this long hoped for experience will look like for them, all are torn apart by the racism that we are uncovering -- it is a time, now more than ever, that we need each other.

Here at Hillel we are regrouping to be there for our students in the best -- and sometimes the only -- way possible. Our students need each other, and us, to help them make sense of the world, understand themselves, connect with others and learns Jewishly... That's what Hillel is all about. 

In this newsletter you will read about how we are responding to all of these challenges. More than anything, we need to be flexible and responsive; we need to listen and hear their needs; we need to help our students move from where ever they are at the moment, through these difficult times. As if being in college wasn't a big enough test, the world has now heaped a strong dose of "extra-credit" learning on them.

Throughout the year, we will be writing to you with updates. Feel free to reach out to us with your questions and comments; and, we welcome your help in any way possible...donations, skills, and ideas. If you feel that you have something to contribute, do let us know.

This year is filled with uncertainty. As I write this, we are just learning what classes and housing will look like this fall. We all need to be flexible, creative and most of all caring.

We will get through this together.

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Jeffrey & Diane Ginsburg Center for Jewish Student Life Hours

Building closed until further notice

*While the building is closed, our outdoor tent is being utilized for all programming*

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